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Marguerite has been a student of acupuncture and palpation since 1997, when she began her studies at the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine. Since that time, she has continued to study palpation with Dan Bensky and Chip Chace, and for many years has assisted them in teaching palpation in the practice of acupuncture. She has also completed three years of osteopathic manual training at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Vancouver, BC.

Since 2007, Marguerite has been instrumental in making palpation a central part of the clinical experience at the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine. In addition to her extensive clinical experience, Marguerite has a unique ability to understand the specific needs of her students, especially those grappling with the early challenges of developing palpatory awareness.

Marguerite has maintained an active private practice since her graduation from SIEAM in 2000.

At our school, Marguerite teaches classes on osteopathic palpation assessment.

During the year, she can be found supervising students on acupuncture and herbal medicine shifts, or serving as a preceptor in the faculty clinic.

Post Author: SIEAM Clinic