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Katherine Taromina, DACM., L.Ac. graduated Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (NY) in 1998. She has advanced training and clinical experience in East Asian Medicine sports medicine and providing supportive care for cancer patients. Prior to joining SIEAM, Kathy served first as an acupuncturist, then as the Program Manager for the Integrative Therapies Program of Columbia University Medical Center. Kathy is a researcher with an interest in the conducting clinical trials that will expand patients access to East Asian Medicine. She is a student and assistant for Tom Bisio at New York Internal Arts (NYIA) and International Arts International (IAI).

Katherine is the Dean and Clinic Director at our school, and she teaches classes on fundamental theory, herbal medicine, clinical research, clinical skills, and acupuncture point location.

During the year, she can be found supervising students on acupuncture and herbal medicine shifts, or tuina bodywork shifts; or serving as a preceptor in the faculty clinic or in the herbal consultation clinic.

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